Area Attractions

Area Attractions more to do

White Lake Snow Tours and Rentals is located 17 miles south of Old Forge and minutes from all the best attractions and activities that the Central Adirondack area is known for. Have a fun-filled day snowmobiling, tubing, skiing, shopping, and indulging in delicious food and the arts, then relax with the peaceful sounds of the Adirondacks or go out and enjoy some live music at one of the many local Inn’s. At White Lake Snow Tours and Rentals, we want you to make the best out of your snowmobiling experience.


Why not stay longer? Go downhill or cross-country skiing or even embark on a snowshoe tour. Take a float plane ride over the mountians.Visit the Adirondack Museum or Wild Center in Tupper Lake. Browse through the many shops in nearby Old Forge where a trip wouldn’t be complete without visiting the famous hardware store and restored Strand Movie house. There are a lot of activities nearby to do nearby in the winter months to keep the whole family entertained. Ask about extending your adventure for a day or more today.



Come in from the cold and enjoy a movie at this restored theatre. 315-369-2792.

The View Arts Center presents exhibits, workshops and performances. 315-369-6411 Adirondack Experience museum on Blue Mountain Lake. (518) 352-7311

The Wild Center, Tupper Lake ­ (518) 359-7800

FX Matt – Saranac – Utica Club, Brewery Tours, Utica (800) 765-6288 Utica

Turning Stone Resort & Casino, Verona 800-771-7711

Payne’s Air Service, Inlet (315) 357-3971

Specialty Shops

Old Forge Hardware, Old Forge (must see) 315-369-6100           Ace Hardware/Old Forge Dept. Store, Old Forge (315) 369-6609  Allen’s Fine Jewelry & Gifts, Old Forge (315) 369-6660
Factory Store, Old Forge (315) 369-3115 Feathers & Boughs, Inc., Old Forge (315) 369-2323
Fulton Chain Gift Shop, Old Forge (315) 369-2260
Gallery 3040, Old Forge (315) 369-1059
George’s Liquor – Gifts & Furniture, Old Forge (315) 369-3371

Hollister’s trading Post, Old Forge (315) 369-3757

Kurt Gardner Photography, Old Forge (917) 447-2744

Life is Good, Old Forge (315) 369-2424

Lights are On Design Studio (Ken Thibado), Old Forge (315) 527-2398

Mountain man Outdoor Supply Co, Old Forge (315) 369-6672
Naked Moose, Old Forge (315) 369-2211

Oil Well, Old Forge

Old Forge Liquors, Old Forge (315) 369-4405

Rainbow Zen, Old Forge (315) 369-2304

Shelter, Old Forge (315) 369-5014
Souvenir Village, Old Forge (315) 369-3811

Stillwater Shop, Stillwater (315) 376-2110
Wilderness Interiors, Old Forge (315) 369-6773


Restaurants Open in winter (Most trail accessible) you won’t run out of choices!

 Wigwam, Forestport (315) 392-4811

White lake Inn, Woodgate (315) 392-5439

Seasons Café, Woodgate (315) 392-6556

Kratzys Bar and Grill, Adler Creek (315) 392-2689

Frankie’s Taste of Italy, Thendara (315) 369-2400

Steak House Restaurant, Thendara (315) 369-6981

Thendara Pine, Thendara (315) 369-0044

Van Auken’s Inne, Thendara, (315) 369-3033

Billy’s Italian-American Restaurant, Old Forge (315) 369-2001

Daiker’s Inn, Old Forge (315) 369-6954

Five Corners Cafe, Old Forge (315) 369-2255

Front Door Diner & Back Door Bar, Old Forge (315) 369-2212

Fulton Chain Craft Brewery, Old Forge (315) 525-0222

Keyes Pancake House, Old Forge (315) 369-6752
Lodge, at the Great Pines, Old Forge (315) 369-6777 www.greatpines.com

Mountainside Smokehouse & Grill, Old Forge (315) 357-4371  

Old Mill Restaurant, Old Forge (315) 369-6868

Ozzie’s Coffee Bar, Old Forge (315) 369-6246

Pickle Boat Grill, Old Forge (315) 369-3141

Randy’s Restaurant, Old Forge (315) 369-2888

Slickers, Old Forge (315) 369-3002

Tony Harper’s Pizza & Clam Shack, Old Forge (315) 369-3777

TOW Bar, Old Forge (315) 369-6405

Walt’s Diner, Old Forge (315) 369-2582

The Tavern, Eagle Bay (315) 357-4305

Toboggan Inn, Eagle Bay (315) 357-3629

Matts draft House/Screaming Eagle Pizza, Inlet (315) 357-6026

Woods Inn, Inlet (315) 357-5300

Red Dog Tavern, Inlet (315) 357-5502

Old Barn, Inlet (315) 357-4000

Tamarack Café, Inlet (315) 357-2001

Big Moose Inn, Big Moose (315) 357-2042
Big Moose Station, Big Moose (315) 357-3525

Duffy’s at the Glenmore, Big Moose (315) 357-4891

Norridgewock, Beaver River (315) 376-6200

Stillwater Hotel, Stillwater (315) 376-6470

Big Moose Inn, Big Moose (315) 357-2042
Big Moose Station, Big Moose (315) 357-3525

Duffy’s at the Glenmore, Big Moose (315) 357-4891

Norridgewock, Beaver River (315) 376-6200

Stillwater Hotel, Stillwater (315) 376-6470

The Tavern, Eagle Bay (315) 357-4305

Toboggan Inn, Eagle Bay (315) 357-3629

Pine Tree Inn, Braningham (315) 348-6040

Trailside, Braningham (315)-348-5030

Braningham Inn, Braningham (315) 348-8125

Montugue Inn, Lowville (315) 376-2078

Flat Rock Inn, Lowville (315) 376-2332

Towpath Lodge, Turin (315) 348-8122

Boondocks, Lyons Falls (315) 348-4040

Cedar Pine, Redfield (315)599-7372

Whiskey Jacks, Constable (315) 397-8255

Tuggers, Barns Corners (315) 688-2267

Rookies, Boonville (315) 358-4193


Winter Activities

Cross country skiing. or call 315-942-2299 for more information.

Maple Ridge Snow Park. Visit

McCauley Mountain in Old Forge, Downhill and Cross Country trails. Visit or call 315-369-3144 for more information.

Snow Ridge Ski Area is home to the “East’s Heaviest Snowfall!” or call 315-348-8456.

Ice skating and sledding at Fern Perk in Inlet. Park includes a warming room, heated restrooms, and an indoor ice skating rink during the winter months. Hockey is allowed after 5:00pm.

Area Winter Festivals

The Annual American Snowmobiler’s Shootout is held in December. This is your first chance to compare the newest stock sleds.

The Annual Snodeo is the “kick-off” weekend for the snowmobile season, also held in December at the Hiltebrant Recreation Center Pavilion in Old Forge. For more information, contact the Old Forge Visitor Information Center at 315-369-6983 or visit

Boonville Snow Festival held in February at the Boonville Fairgrounds. Adirondack Cup Ice Oval Racing.

The Annual Adirondack Ice Bowl Pond Hockey Festival is held in January. Skate the frozen chain on Fourth Lake. For registration dates go to for more information.

The Winter Carnival at McCauley Mountain is a fun family event! Held in February there are competitions, ski races, fun and fireworks! Visit for more information!

The Annual NY Snow Run is held at the Hiltebrant Recreation Center Pavilion in Old Forge. Combining the passion for snowmobiling and the ability to help men and women diagnosed with breast cancer. For more information, visit

Inlet’s annual Frozen Fire & Lights event held in February in downtown Inlet. Activities include, snow sculpting, cardboard sled races, bonfire, music, food, kid’s activities, fireworks and more. Fern Park Inlet.

SnoFest, where thousands of snowmobile enthusiasts gather to see Ski Doo, Yamaha, Polaris, and Arctic Cat premier their newest models and offer demo rides, weather permitting. We guarantee that the snowmobile freestylers will amaze you! Stay tuned for information about this season’s event or visit

March marks the Annual St. Paddy’s Parade down Main Street in Old Forge, NY. As the only Irish Parade in the Adirondacks, participants and spectators try to outdo their prior year’s costumes and floats. Snowmobiling will probably be over, but there is always a great turnout! After the parade, visit the Old Forge Fire Hall to sample Irish Stews made by local chefs and vote for your favorite!

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